Bracelet Aloha Argent noirci

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Designed in our Paris workshop, the blackened silver Aloha Bracelet is a jewel with a lot of character which you will love for its originality. You will receive your bracelet mounted on a grey string.
To preserve your blackened silver jewel, it's recommended to avoid contact with chlorine, bleach or other corrosive products

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79,00 € tax incl.

  • A symbol of sliding sports is this habit of waving the hand to emphasize the gesture. It means "being relaxed" and is one of the most peaceful symbols of the planet, used by surfers as a cheer. In Spain, North America, Ecuador, Chile, Russia or Germany, the sign means "drinking" as it has the shape of a jar.
  • Compositions Argent noirci
    Hauteur 13mm
    Largeur 17mm
    Profondeur 7mm
    Poids 3,72g


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